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These 9 short films outline the basic skills that we'll be looking at in more detail, in context when we meet for the practical course out on the hill. Some aspects will be more useful after the course and this page will also hopefully serve as a reminder for future reference.

As discussed in the introduction film, ordinarily this material I would run through indoors over a brew before we head out. It introduces the elements we will cover so that when we are on the hill, most of the topics have been introduced to you already. This means we can put them to practice straight away rather than standing around while I explain (and typically therefore it'll be raining!)

It's important to watch the videos in order if you've not been on the course as they sequentially introduce topics. It is worth having a watch of them all the day / evening before the practical course begins to remind yourself of the information. Do not worry if some aspects don't make sense. It's not easy to visualise some of the topics behind a computer screen - this is why NNAS will always retain the outdoor practical learning.

The important thing is to have watched the films and have any questions ready for when we meet :-)

For each film, press play (in the centre of the image on the right) and you can select to play in full screen. There is a lot of info and some of the films are relatively long. But I hope it makes sense - even if not in a practical way yet.


1. Introduction

This short video introduces your instructor for the course (Fabian), and the video series you're about to watch!

Length: 3 minutes


2. About the Course

This short film introduces NNAS, the NNAS approach to teaching navigation, the Navigator Awards, Bronze syllabus and how the practical two days typically plays out. 

Updated 29.04.2021

Length: 8 minutes


3. The Compass

Videos 3-8 introduce the tools of navigation. This video looks at the compass primarily. We also introduce a bit of kit management which may be of more interest after the practical course. 

Updated 29.04.21

Length: 10.5 minutes


4. Maps & Scales

This short video looks at the different map scales that are on offer to us in the UK. It discusses the pros and cons of each and why you might choose one over another.

Updated 29.04.21

Length: 19.5 minutes


5. Contours

Contours tell us what is up, down and how steep. Understanding how contours represented on a 2D paper map represent a 3D environmentcan be confusing at first. So we explore how they work. 

Updated 29.04.21

Length: 17 minutes


6. Timing & Pacing

In this short film we piece together everything we've covered so far - looking at speed=distance/time and how we can use this to our advantage

Updated 18.05.21

Length: 11.5 minutes


7. Setting the Map

Sat-nav's and Google Maps always rotate the map so that where we are heading is at the top of the screen. Without us realising it!

Have a look at your sat nave next time you use it. In this film we look at how we can do this on a paper map and why it's important.

Updated 30.04.21

Length: 9 minutes


8. Grid references

There are apps and GPS that can tell us the grid reference. But understanding how to take a grid reference and why it might be important is covered in this film

Updated 30.04.21

Length: 22 minutes

I hope these films have been useful. I'm sure some of it made no sense but that's fine! Again, please watch the first eight films again before the start of the course and save any questions for me for when we meet! No doubt others will have the same questions!

The last film is around route planning. Feel free to watch it but this is more relevant for after day 1 of the practical course when we meet. If you're totally new to navigation then the above films are probably enough for now.


9. Route Planning

This last video looks at route planning. How we can look at a map and using the Bronze Level skills, plan a route for ourselves that we will be able to follow!

Updated 04.05.21

Length: 19 minutes