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Moonlight Coastal Walk

Friday 23rd Feb 8-11pm & Saturday 6th April 7-10pm

About the event:

Night Walking

Night walking is a wonderful mood booster and can help combat those winter blues, expand your horizons and make you feel exhilarated. This is because your primary sense - sight - takes a back seat while all your other senses become alive. You'll hear the rhythmical sound of waves on the shore more keenly; smell salty sea air and feel the breeze against your skin. Weave in a mindful, sensory activity along the way, and your ability to feel awe increases. An emotion now considered more important than happiness.

Reconnecting with the Planet and Universe

Although we obviously can't guarantee clear skies, you'll still feel the benefits of embracing the dark and heading outdoors. But that's not all! You'll learn more about planet earth, stars and planets and discover you're actually looking back in time. You'll also find out about the geology of this coastline too, as the area is steeped in ancient rocks and fossils, akin to the dinosaur coast.

Certainly, you'll leave feeling invigorated - and very much alive!

The events are run by Fabian (mountain guide, outdoor instructor, and NHS trainer), and Alison from Adventures for the Soul (who is a wellbeing in nature instructor). Thse are sensory nature walks that will get you into the 'zone' so you'll see and hear so much more. We'll also explore the geology of the area, planets, star systems and other interesting facts about the universe. Peace of mind. Safety. Feeling calmer and awe - which is priceless!

The light of the moon can have a dramatic impact on our vision which can become finely tuned to the dark. Both a new and full moon provides a different yet immersive experience!

Moonliit Evening - Friday 23rd February 2024

Walking by the light of the full - or nearly - full moon is truly magical here. They'll be stretches where you'll be able to turn off your head torch and bathe in its light. When you do, what you'll see will take your breath away.

Twilight & Dark Skies Evening - Saturday 6th April 2024

When the skies are clear and it's close to a new moon, what you'll see here will take your breath away. We hear it every day, but often don't listen to it nor recognise it in our consciousness. But we'll experience the literal switch between the day shift in the animal kingdom and the night shift. It is really very sudden! Standing on the coastline looking out to sea, you'll be greeted by an inky darkness and a huge star-filled sky. Meanwhile you'll hear the rhythmical sound of waves on the shore, smell salty sea air and feel the breeze against your skin. It's refreshing, rejuvenating and massively up-lifting.

Where the Event Takes Place

Robin Hoods Bay sits on the east coast amid the dramatic cliffs on the edge of the North York Moors National Park. Noted for a history of smuggling, today it boasts a magnificent beach, ancient picturesque cobbled streets and houses, and is the end point for the famous long distance 'coast to coast' walking route.

The nearest big towns are Scarborough to the south or Whitby to the north. Both are on the rail network with bus links to Robin Hoods Bay. Alternatively there is good road access though a steep drop down into the village!

There is accommodation in the village for those coming from afar as well as many other things to see and do on and around the North York Moors. We'd recommend getting in tough with Sam and Sian at Baytown Holiday Cottages if you are looking to make a weekend visit or longer.

Meeting Point:

We meet at Robin Hood's Bay Bank Top Car Park

If this car park is full, there is additional parking just up the road at the Station Car Park.

To see the locations in Google Maps, please click the links. These will open in a new tab.

Please note that we have two dates running with different start times -

Friday evening 23rd February we meet at 8pm finishing at roughly 11pm

Saturday evening 6th April we meet at 7:15pm finishing at roughly 10:15pm


The walk is between 8-9km in length (5-5.5 miles) with a total ascent of 150m (500ft - which is mostly through Robin Hood's Bay village at the end to get back up to the car park).

There are good tracks throughout though there are three short steeper sections. Given the time of year there can be potential for mud (and lots of it) as well as icy patches. The guides can help with any difficult patches.


Some basic and recent hillwalking experience.


The experience costs £49 per person. This will be quite unlike any other night walk as we will engage with our senses, the universe and the planet in a way you may have never experienced before.


We can take a maximum of 12. Should there be more booked on, we will try and transfer you to a later event. we have a reserve 'overflow' event on Friday 27th October and Friday 10th November which we can run should need arises.