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Night 'Awe-Walk' (after-work event)

Friday 12th Jan 2024, 7-9pm

About the event:

Night Walking

In this after-work event which has been features in Yorkshire Living magazine, watch your wellbeing increase as you embrace the darkness.

Night walking has many benefits including a surprising boost to your mental wellbeing. You can read more about it here.

Where the Event Takes Place

The evening takes place around Roulston Scar, Sutton Bank (with the infamous steep road) and the White Horse of Kilburn.

The area lies on the south western tip of the North York Moors National Park, a few miles outside the historic town of Thirsk in North Yorkshire. It is historically significant in being the site of one of the largest bronze age forts in Britain (now the Yorkshire Gliding Club!). It was also the site where the Scottish King Robert the Bruce beat the English under the rather hapless Edward II in 1322. More recently, the White Horse of Kilburn was created by schoolmaster John Hodgson in 1857. This landmark can be seen for miles around on a clear day.

The area also gives commanding views across the Vale of York (you can see the towers of York Minster) and the Yorkshire Dales. You'll see why it was chosen for a hill fort!

Reconnecting with the Planet and Universe

We'll weave our way through primeval, mystical woodland. Skirt the edge of an ancient geological limestone scar that once housed one of the largest Iron Age hill forts in Europe. We'll earn a few techniques that'll engage your senses, ramp up your feel-good factor and enable you to experience so much more.

Then you'll then hop out at the top where you'll be rewarded with huge skies. Since we'll be close to the new moon, it will be a dark night. On clear nights you'll still be able to make out constellations, planets and shooting stars. But I've you've never walked at night - regardless of whether it's clear or cloudy - it will still be an amazing 'pick-me-up'.

Alison from Adventures for the Soul will weave in a sensory walk that is good for calming the mind and bringing your attention back to the present moment. It's brilliant for parking your troubles for an hour or two and letting go of that 'to do' list.

Meanwhile, Fabian will drop in a little celestial information here and there so you'll learn a thing or two as well.

All in all, it's just a fab evening...

Meeting Point:

We meet at the Kilburn Forest Car Park just below the White Horse of Kilburn at 7pm. To see the start point in Google Maps please click the link. This will open in a new tab.


The walk will be around 5km (3 miles) and mainly on footpaths but there is rough ground, steep hills, mud and lots of steps.


Some basic and recent hillwalking experience.


The experience costs £29 per person. This will be quite unlike any other night walk as well will engage with our senses, the universe and the planet.


We can take a maximum of 12.