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The Mullardoch Munros

Sunday 11th August 2024

About the event:

Where is Mullardoch?

Mullardoch is one of the three huge Glens accessed from Cannich, west of Loch Ness off the A82. The three huge glens here are spectacular with Glens Affric and Shiel to the south, and Glen Strathfarrar to the north. Indeed, these glens are arguably among the most spectacular in Scotland.

Access is not straight forward - certainly for Glen Strathfarrar. But in many respects, the remoteness and inaccessibility of these areas makes them even more special.

About the Day

For Loch Mullardoch, a reservoir at the end of a long winding single track road, we do have the option of taking a ferry across which can save 10km of trudging along the undulating and largely trackless north shore. It is the aim of this day to make use of the ferry if possible.

For various reasons, the ferry has been unable to run the past few years and even now we cannot book more than a week in advance. If it isn't running, there is the option of walking along the shore (adding significant time to the day) or postponing. We will liaise with everyone booked on the trip if we cannot get the ferry and either agree as a group to walk or postpone.)

Assuming we can get the ferry, we'll take this along the loch to the far end, admiring the Munros both to the north which we'll be walking over, and to the South where a line of mountains forms the North Glen Affric ridge.


An Socach (1,069m / 3,507ft)

An Raibhachan (1,129m / 3,704ft)

Sgurr na Lapaich (1,150m / 3,773ft)

Carn nan Gobhar (992m / 3,255ft)

Total distance 20km (or 30 if walking along the shore), 1500m ascent (1900m if walking along the shore).

The views on a fine day from the ridge after a straight forward ascent from the Loch are spectacular.

Meeting Point:

We meet at the Mullardoch car park at roughly 0800 to start. The boat tiime we are given will dictate precisely when we need to meet and we will all need to be there on time. There is the possibility of meeting in Cannich at the camp site to car share, but that can be discussed nearer the time.

To see the start point or where Cannich is, please click on the relevant link above. This will open a new tab in Googlemaps.


This is a big day and will require good fitness with some experience of repeated ascent, descent and reascent etc. There is some easy scrambling but also relatively good tracks throughout the area -though some are steep


A very good level of fitness is required - along with some light scrambling and repeated ascent and descent.


The day costs £140 and this includes the significant fee for the ferry. If we end up walking, the ferry fee would be refunded (£40)


We can take a maximum of 8 on this adventure


Please see the All Activities section of the kit list here. Walking poles are recommended for the final descent!

Images from Past Events