Mountain Skills Courses

For Mountaineers, the winter is perhaps the most magical time of year. Blue skies and the sun glistening on the summits and the crunch of snow underfoot can make for some of the most rewarding and memorable days out.

For summer walkers wanting to take the next step into winter, there are additional skills and equipment to confidently make the most of this magical season!

If you would like to discuss this course for for friends/family/clubs or societies, please see the Private Courses page or just get in touch to discuss options and prices


Introduction to Winter

2 & 3-day courses in the Cairngorms

I have had 15 winter seasons in the Scottish Highlands as well as working for 6 months in Antarctica as a research scientist. I will teach you the basic skills that have not only kept me alive throughout but also enabled me to absolutely love and look forward to winter in the mountains.


These courses will provide you with the foundation skills and knowledge to be able to plan your own winter mountain journeys and deal with different snow conditions. Coming on a basic winter skills course is also recommended if you want to go on a guided walk in winter with either me or other providers.

The courses are run primarily in the Cairngorms National Park (Kingussie, Aviemore, and Cairngorm Mountain in Scotland). 

The instructor:client ratio is 1:5 with a minimum of 2 clients to ensure that everyone gets the most benefit from the course. Peer-experience and sharing is an important aspect. 16-18 year olds are welcome if accompanied by a parent or guardian also on the course. I run open two day courses at weekends which you can book below online. 


These 2-day non-residential courses cost:

  • £190 per person for booking 1-2 people

  • £175 per person for booking 3-4 people

  • £165 per person for booking 5-8 people onto the course

Three day courses I can put on weekdays and can be 2-4 days depending on what you are interested in. 

The prices are as above but +£100 for a 3 day and +£150 for a four day on the above prices.

If you would like a longer or more bespoke course, please just get in touch. Likewise if your club/society large group want to book a course, please get in touch separately about dates and prices and see the Private Courses page.

You will need to ensure that you have all the essential winter equipment beforehand. You can hire the technical equipment on booking if you do not have your own but you will need to collect these items from the relevant shop before the start of the course which is 0800 on the Saturday morning.

Please note that I cannot refund you the price of hire equipment as this is at the discretion of the shop should the need arise. It is worth you contacting the shops yourself (details in FAQs below) if in doubt or hiring locally near where you live before coming. 


We can cover a range of different skills and techniques and a lot will depend on weather / conditions and the group aims: 

  • Avalanche and weather forecasts

  • Equipment and clothing

  • Personal movement skills

    • Efficient use of your boots in different terrain

    • Walking in crampons

  • Use of the ice axe

    • Self-belay

    • Ice Axe arrest**

    • Step cutting

  • Route planning

  • Going on a mountain walk bringing together different skills

  • Emergency snow shelters

**This is quite an advanced skill which can take a lot of time to demonstrate and practice - it isn't always feasible to cover this skill. It's fun, but you will need to practice this many more times to get good at it and hope you never have to actually use it!

We can look at the use of a rope for emergency situations on these courses if requested. However, this is not a climbing course and it is not expected that most walkers will go out with a rope.


Intro to Winter - Frequently asked questions


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Penduduk hanya perlu log masuk dengan mendaftarkan nama pengguna, nombor telefon, dan alamat emel.

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Ya, mestilah.

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Ya, mestilah boleh.

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Ya, sudah pasti.

Bolehkah para penduduk melakukan pra-pendaftaran untuk tetamu mereka?

Ya, boleh. Sesudah melakukan proses pra-pendaftaran dalam pilihan ‘Visitor’, para penduduk mesti menghantar pautan kod QR yang jana di dalam aplikasi kepada tetamu mereka, untuk diimbas oleh pengawal keselamatan di pondok pengawal.

Bagaimanakah penggera SOS berfungsi?

Apabila penduduk atau ahli keluarganya berada dalam situasi yang merbahaya, mereka hanya perlu menekan butang SOS untuk mencetuskan penggera. Pengawal keselamatan dan ahli keluarga terdekat, akan menerima notifikasi amaran SOS serta dapat mengetahui sesiapa yang mencetuskan penggera tersebut.

Bagaimanakah sistem M4U membantu anda?

Sistem M4U ialah sebuah platform komuniti secara atas talian yang amat mesra pengguna bagi memudahkan segala pengurusan dan komunikasi antara pejabat pengurusan dengan para penduduk menjadi sangat mudah!

Isu umum seperti pengurusan pembayaran bil penyelenggaraan bulanan, aduan dan maklumbalas, tempahan fasiliti, dan pengurusan pelawat, semuanya lengkap dalam sistem M4U.

Sistem M4U memiliki Bil Automatik?

Ya, mestilah. Dengan M4U, para penduduk akan menerima bil daripada pihak pengurusan secara terus ke telefon bimbit mereka. Tiada lagi masalah bayaran lambat dan bil tertunggak. Penduduk tidak perlu lagi mengutip bil dan tiada lagi masalah bil hilang.

Bagaimanakah cara untuk membuat pengumuman?

Pilih pilihan ‘Notice Board’ untuk membuat notis baru. Setelah selesai, semua penduduk akan mendapat notifikasi pengumuman tersebut di dalam aplikasi M4U.

Bagaimanakah pengurusan tempahan fasiliti dilaksanakan, sekiranya terdapat keperluan pembayaran deposit?

Pentadbir perlu menyemak, jika pembayaran deposit diterima, maka tempahan fasiliti hanya dapat diluluskan. Untuk tempahan fasiliti/kemudahan lain tidak diperlukan deposit, ia boleh disetkan dengan fungsi ‘ kelulusan automatik’ selagi fasiliti tersebut tersedia.

Apa yang ada dalam Fungsi Sekuriti Sistem M4U?

Sistem M4U memiliki fungsi Sistem Pengurusan Pelawat, Penggera SOS, Kutipan Kiriman Parsel, dan Interkom.

Bagaimanakah Sistem Pengurusan Pelawat berfungsi?

Sistem Pengurusan Pelawat berfungsi dengan merekod butiran para pelawat seperti nama, kad pengenalan/lesen, nombor telefon, nombor pendaftaran kenderaan. Sistem ini juga membolehkan pengawal keselamatan melihat samada pelawat ini sudah datang, sudah pulang, atau bermalam di unit rumah penduduk.

Bagaimanakah pengurusan kutipan kiriman parsel?

Sistem M4U membolehkan sebarang kiriman parsel diterima oleh pihak sekuriti khususnya pengawal keselamatan bagi pihak penduduk. Notifikasi kiriman tersebut akan dikirim dengan satu janaan pautan kod QR. Penduduk boleh mengutip kiriman tersebut melalui verifikasi kod QR.



If you want to chat to me about any of the courses feel free to do so - email is a good start as I'm often out and about with limited phone reception.
If you don't like the idea of the online booking or would prefer to pay a 10% deposit for now, that's fine as I can simply raise an invoice.
Simply choose the date you are interested in, click 'Book Now' and follow the instructions. You'll get an automated confirmation reply but I'll follow that up when I get back to civilisation to say thanks and with more detail about the course..
Please ensure you've read the Terms and Conditions and you are aware of what you need to bring by downloading the gear list.
A quirk of the website hosting system means there are a range of ticket options (apologies about that). Please check the number you are booking for on the ticket options and ensure you request that number of tickets...
Any problems then please get in touch

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