Night Navigation Masterclasses

Advanced night navigation masterclasses

Navigation in the hills and mountains at low light, low visibility or in total darkness is a skill that anyone wishing to head to the bigger hills in Britain needs to know. If you are interested in astrophotography, you will inevitably need to get away from any light pollution and the car that comes along with full beams on just as you start to take a picture.

It is also important for anyone wanting to start wild camping.

Phone batteries with mapping software don't cope well with the cold or rain. Mountain Rescue teams will recommend a map and compass, and knowledge of how to use them.

On 16th February 2022 we are running a session in support of the North York Moors National Park Dark Skies Festival. This will be invaluable for anyone wanting to escape as much light pollution as possible on the higher remoter moors.

The requirements for night navigation are very similar to day navigation except that you need to become very good and confident at a few particular techniques. This course is suitable for anyone who has a working knowledge of timing, pacing, orientating a map and following a compass bearing (Silver NNAS level). It is also suitable for those training for, or wishing to start on an Expedition Leadership award or Mountain Leader Award.

I run these courses during Autumn and Winter as an evening session.

Night Navigation Masterclasses

We will concentrate on the techniques that are the most useful in the dark and also incorporate the use of digital technologies and where / how they can be useful and when they definitely aren't! By the end of the course, you will have a good understanding of:

  • Using the compass to orientate the map and why it's vital at night (or any time!)

  • Using a compass to follow a bearings accurately using sighting

  • More advanced navigation strategies, including coarse and fine navigation

  • Timing and Pacing accurately

There is no indoor session - we will meet at the starting point and head straight out.

The instructor:client ratio is 1:8 with a minimum of 3 clients to ensure that everyone gets the most benefit from the course. Peer-experience and sharing is an important aspect.


The courses are run in the Cleveland Hills area of the North York Moors National Park. We meet at ca 18:30 at Clay Bank Car Park. Please click on the link to see the start point on Google Maps (opens in a new tab).


Each masterclass costs £40 per person and is run over a weekday evening. You will need to provide your own transport, travel insurance and accommodation (if needed).

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