Guided walks up Snowdon May 2021


Guided walks up Snowdon


Saturday 29th, Sunday 30th or Monday 31st May 2020


Snowdonia boasts and amazing array of landscapes and geology in a relatively small area. Rising out of the sea it can be seen from the relatively flat island of Anglessea as a dark brooding barrier to the mainland. The pictures below give an idea of the diversity of mountain landscape in the small area and if the weather is good we should be able to see most of it!

Snowdon itself is the highest mountain in Wales at 1,085m (3,560ft). There are a number of super famous routes up to the summit - from straight forward plods such as the Llanberis path through to some quite challenging routes. There is also the famous Khyber Pass (or at least where the Carry on up the Khyber was filmed)!

The weather and group aims will dictate which route we tackle on a particular day and we won't know this until a day or so beforehand. We may even have the option to go up one trail and down a different one if we are strategic and leave a car at one end for us to return to.



Snowdon (1,085m / 3,650ft)

Meeting Point:

Probably: 08:00am at Pete's Eats in Llanberis*. 

To view the start point on Google Maps, please click here. This will open in a separate tab.

*I'll send an email around to confirm the meeting location before the day depending on what the weather is doing and therefore which route we'll be taking. There will be a quick coffee, a gear check and we'll be off.

Difficulty: Level 2 - Longer easier hill walks. All of the routes we'd be tackling are relatively straight forward in good conditions. However, this is a mountain and conditions at the summit can be vastly different from those down at town level. Some paths are steep in sections and rough (even the Llanberis path has it's moments). So some hill fitness will be needed..

Cost: The day costs £49 per person if booking for one, £44.10 each if booking for 2-3 people and £41.65 if booking for 4 or more. 16-18 year old's are welcome if accompanied by a parent or guardian.You will need to provide your own transport, accommodation and hire essential winter equipment (please see the gear list for details)

Numbers: I can take a maximum of 10 and a minimum of 4 in order to run the event. If there are fewer than the minimum numbers booked you'll get a full refund.



If you want to chat to me about the walks feel free to do so - email is a good start as I'm often out and about with limited phone reception.
If you don't like the idea of the online booking or would prefer to pay a 10% deposit for now, that's fine as I can simply raise an invoice. Please note that this has an additional £5 non-refundable administration fee.
Simply click 'Book Now' and follow the instructions for the day you are interested in. You'll get an automated confirmation reply but I'll follow that up when I get back to civilisation to say thanks and with more detail about the trip.
Please ensure you've read the Terms and Conditions and you are aware of what you need to bring by downloading the gear list.
A quirk of the website hosting system means there are a range of ticket options (apologies about that). Please check the number you are booking for on the ticket options and ensure you request that number of tickets...
Any problems then please get in touch
Snowdon - 29th May 2021
Snowdon - 30th May 2021
Snowdon - 31st May 2021

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