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Summer Solstice Sunrise from a Mountain

Saturday Night 22nd June 2024

About the event:

The Lake District is England's most mountainous area. Although only a handful are over 3,000ft, the Cambrian Mountains are often steep and craggy. The whole area is picturesque with a massive range of activities for the summer holidays. Adventure as well as scenic trips.

This experience is run in collaboration with Alison from Adventures for the Soul - and we absolutely love these evenings. This is our first summer solstice event, but we are fully versed with dark skies experiences across in the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors. We're really looking forward to this!

It's a great place to stop and reconnect with nature on the special solstice evening. When the skies are clear away from the light pollution of our towns and cities, the night sky will take your breath away. Standing on a mountain amid the stars to see the sun rise on the longest day is a profound experience.

Although we can't guarantee clear skies, you'll still feel the benefits of embracing the dark and heading outdoors. Night walking is a wonderful mood booster and can help expand your horizons and make you feel exhilarated.

This is because your primary sense - sight - takes a back seat while all your other senses become alive. Weave in a mindful, sensory activity along the way, and your ability to feel awe increases. An emotion now considered more important than happiness. (The Link will take you to the Adventures for the Soul website).

We'll be setting off from Keswick to walk gently up the mountain. When we arrive, we'll spend some time exploring our senses in the dark before the sun rises.

We'll stay for the sunrise before heading back down to find somewhere for breakfast!

Meeting Point:

We'll meet outside the Moot Hall in Keswick at 0100 (1am) on the morning of Saturday 22nd June 2024. To see the start point in Google Maps, please click here.


This is a mountain walk but on good tracks. It is steep in places and muddy in sections. Although this is considered an easy mountain walk with no difficulties, it is still a mountain walk during the night when we'd normally be asleep.


A good level of fitness, an open mind, and an interest in the universe and our place in it.


The experience costs just £59 per person with discounts for booking more than one person.


We can take a maximum of 14