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The Remote Monar Munros Bike 'n' Hike

Tuesday 6th - Thursday 8th August 2024

About the event:

Where are the Monar Munros?

Between Torridon and Glen Shiel (the road to the isles - the A87 runs through here), the mountains of Monar are grand peaks sitting in a vast and fairly remote area.

Accessible by train to pretty much every start point, this is one of the remotest trips accessible by public transport. The train will take you from Inverness through some dramatic scenery on its way to the Kyle of Lochalsh. Road links are excellent though the stretch or road through Glen Carron is single track and extremely rough in places.

The mountains all have very different character, some with wide plateaux, others with narrow ridges and summits perched above precipitous drops. Views from the peaks are excellent, with fine vistas northwards to the Coulin Forest and Torridon peaks and westwards to Skye and beyond.

Maoile Lunndaidh has a vast plateau, untypical for western peaks, whereas the peaks of Sgurr Choinnich, Bidean an Eoin Deirg and Sgurr a'Chaorachain have long fine ridges. Bidean a'Choire Sheasgaich is craggy on its northern side and Lurg Mhor has an interesting notched gap leading to its eastern top.

About the Adventure:

There is good biking in this huge area. We'll need to make use of them to access these remote Munros in this huge area! We'll meet in one of two start points and get our bikes ready before cycling in as a group. The tracks have some steep sections where we typically get off and push (there is no shame!). But on the whole it can save an enormous amount of time cycling in even if it seems like we're pushing the bikes more than riding them. We also use a different muscle set cycling. So once we've parked the bikes up and start walking, we will feel remarkably fresh!

It is possibly to combine the day 2 & 3 Munros but that will depend on the weather and the group. It's impossible to determine until we get going whether it will be possible. Should we manage to get the ridge of 3 done on a single day, we can add the other plateau summit of Moruisg to the trip. This is attached to the demoted Munro (now Corbett) of Sgurr nan Ceanneachean. The latter is by far the most interesting part of this pair!

Munros (the days given may not occur in this order - this is weather dependent)"

Day 1: Biking in from Atterdale gardens

Bidean a'Choire Sheasgaich (945m, 3,100ft) & Lurg Mhor (986m, 3,235ft)

Day 2: Biking in from east of Achnashelleach Station

Sgurr a'Chaorachain (1053m, 3,455ft) & Sgurr Choinnich (999m, 3,278ft)

Day 3: Biking in from east of Achnashelleach Station (same as previous day)

Maoile Lunndaidh (1007m, 3,304ft)

Please Note: If you are signing up for one or two of the days, we can't guarantee which days we'll attempt them on as that will be weather dependent. We'll only really know a day or so beforehand so please be prepared to be flexible!

Meeting Point:

Day 1 Biking in from Atterdale Gardens

Day 2 & 3 Biking in from Achnashellach woodland car park. Please note that if coming from either direction by road, it's a bit of a hidden turning so easy to miss!

If you click on the links, the start points will open in Google Maps in a separate tab. You can also see where the start points lie in relation to the nearest station if coming by train.


There are good tracks around the area but some pathless sections and a bit of scrambling. There are exposed narrow ridges but no significant technical difficulties. They are nevertheless long days. The cycle tracks have some steep sections (a lot of them!) - but again, there is no shame in getting off to push for a bit!


Very good level of hill fitness and experience of repeated ascent and descent.


The three days costs £200 for guiding in this remote area. There are discounts for booking more than one person, and single day options are available too.


We can take a maximum of 8.


Please see the All Activities section of the kit list here. In addition you will need a mountain bike, lock and helmet.

Images from Past Events