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The Torridon Giants

Friday 9th - Sunday 11th May 2025

About the event:

Where is Torridon?

Torridon sits in the North West Highlands of Scotland. It is reached by good main roads from Inverness (though the road through the glen is single track and no longer even remotely fit for purpose). The nearest rail station is Achnashellach where it's a few miles down to Kinlochewe. There is a range of accommodation in the village of Torridon and Kinlochewe - both either end of this spectacular Glen.

And then there are the mountains. There are quite a few epic ranges on the mainland of Scotland.

And the Torridon Range is one of them - It is one of the most epic. Everything is eerie and mysterious about the Torridon Munros. Torridonian Sandstone is ancient. Among the most ancient rock groups in Britain.

Life is altered here. Even the widespread lichen Rhizocarpon geographicum - easily spotted by it's bright green and black spotted thallus is turned purple here. When you first see Liathach from the winding single track road between Kinlochewe and Torridon, it captures the eye. A wall. A fortress. Impenetrable. How do you even get there??

Well there are faint paths leading up the three giants: Beinn Eighe, Liathach and Beinn Alligin. A few weaknesses in their mighty armour. Once up, there are two Munros on each and a whole host of Munro tops (of Munro height but deemed to be too close to their parent summit to be a Munro in their own right).

On Liathach there are knife edge ridges, pinnacles and steep drops. A bypass track largely misses out the pinnacles but in places even this is not for the faint hearted. Beinn Alligin has the three Horns of Alligin. But once you've made it to the ridges, they are wonderful days to just explore, experience, see and touch. The Torridon giants are ancient! Although most hover just below 1,000m what they lack in height they make up for in stature.

About the Adventure:

There are 6 Munros on offer with good views to the Fisherfields and Fannaichs to the north as well as a number of magnificent Corbetts. To the South there are the South Torridon (or north Glen Carron) Munros.

The 6 Munros of the Torridon Giants are equally divided between three massiffs: Beinn Alligin, Liathach and Beinn Eighe. The latter is absolutely collossal. The first has the famous 'horns of Alligin'. And Liathach has it's pinnacles and scrambles.

They are all epic. Each is a day walk. Liathach requires some faff with a car shuffle to leave a vehicle or two at the end point to save an extra hour walking along the road.

There are good tracks throughout for the most part. But these Munros are steep! That said, the ascents and descents are over fairly quickly allowing plenty of time to explore the ridges, savour the easy scrambling, and soak up the incredible location.


Beinn Alligin: Tom na Gruagaich (922m / 3,025ft) & Sgurr Mor (986m / 3,235ft)

Liathach: Spidean a' Choire Leith (1,055m / 3,461ft) & Mullach an Rathain (1,023m / 3,356ft)

Beinn Eighe: Spidean Coire nan Clach (977m / 3,205ft) & Ruach-stac Mor (1,010m / 3,314ft)

Should you wish to only join for one or two of the days there is the option - Please note that I cannot guarantee which day we will attempt the Munros of interest to you as this will be weather dependent.

Meeting Point:

08:00am Somewhere between Torridon and Kinlochewe. The start point varies depending on which Munros we do.

For Beinn Alligin we meet here

For Liathach we meet here to do a car shuffle over the the start point as this is a linear walk. It will save us 3-4km along the road at the end of the day!

For Beinn Eighe we meet here

To see the start points in Google Maps, please click the links and they will open in new tabs.


These are big and challenging hills and will require good fitness and a head for heights. There is easy scrambling on all of the giants. There are relatively good tracks throughout the area though some are extremely steep and the bypass tracks still need a head for heights.


Some experience of the Scottish Munros and some easy scrambling (e.g. Striding Edge). If in doubt please get in touch with us to discuss.


The three days guiding costs £300 per person.

16-18 year old's are welcome if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

You will need to provide your own transport, travel insurance and accommodation.

We offer discounts for booking more than one place as well as the option for coming on one or two days only. Please note - you will need to be flexible as the weather will dictate which order we do the Munros!


I can take a maximum of 6 and a minimum of 2 for the trip to proceed. If there are fewer than the minimum numbers you will be offered a full refund. If you want to book more places, I will try and bring in another guide but please get in touch to discuss.


Please see the All Activities section of the kit list here. Walking poles for the descents are recommended!

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