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The Silva Compass Expedition 4 is the industry standard. It comes with a short loop of red string. However, this is not really sufficient. Especially on Navigation courses, I sell compasses fully set up as I use them as a guide. We can now offer these for sale online via the website. If you are coming on a course, we can give them to you in person.

Silva Compass Expedition 4 Full Set Up

SKU: 364215375135191
Pacing Bead Colour
  • Included is a brand new Silva Expedition 4 Compass (RRP ca £29-34), with a more robust cord, 5 pacing beads and a clip to attach the compass to your rucksack or jacket. We can either send you the items in their original packaging or set the compass up for you. 

  • First class postage and package is £4.45. Second class is £3.35 to the mainland UK. We currently don't offer posting this beyond the UK.

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