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Nick Rowe

Nick's Outdoors

Nick's Outdoors is run by Nick Rowe. His love for the outdoors started as child. He was also a member of the Royal Marine cadets that also gave him a love of the outdoors. He joined the army in 1995 and had a full career of 24 years. His final years were spent at the UK Armed Forces Mountain School, Joint Services Mountain Training Centre (JSMTC) in North Wales

This led him to gain experience in most outdoor activities and delivering training to military personnel in mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain biking and kayaking. From the snow of the Rockies to the hot sun of Mount Kenya, to the moorland of the Yorkshire Dales & Moors, his passion is all things outdoors. 

Nick is working with AFS Mountaineering to increase capacity for delivering rock climbing and abseiling activities and who know what else in future!

Nick Rowe
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