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Climbing Resources

These 2 short films will hopefully act as a reminder for you about belaying and tying in. I'll have given you a length of rope to practice with!

You can also download a pdf reminder about going climbing and using the different areas - Bouldering Wall, Main Climbing Wall (top rope) and Autobelays.

For each film, press play (in the centre of the image on the right) and you can select to play in full screen

Tying In

1. Tying in

This short video covers Tying in using a rethreaded figure of 8 and a stopper knot.

Length: 5:46


2. Belaying

This short video is a bit of a sports commentary! Just looking at a belayer in a real belaying situation.

Length: 2:02


3. Climbing Reminders

I have prepared a pdf of some of the basics we covered on the course - A reminder that will accompany the videos. Just some helpful reminders about the dos and don'ts!

You can download it here:

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