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Gold Resources

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These 5 short films outline the basic skills that we'll be looking at in more detail, in context when we meet for the practical course out on the hill. Some aspects will make far more sense on the hill. I hope this page will also hopefully serve as a reminder for after the course.

As discussed in the introduction film, ordinarily this material I would run through indoors over a brew before we head out. It introduces the elements we will cover so that when we are on the hill, most of the topics have been introduced to you already. This means we can put them to practice straight away rather than standing around while I explain (and typically therefore it'll be raining!)

It's important to watch the videos in order if you've not been on the course as they sequentially introduce topics. It is worth having a watch of them all the day / evening before the practical course begins to remind yourself of the information. Do not worry if some aspects don't make sense. It's not easy to visualise some of the topics behind a computer screen - this is why NNAS will always retain the outdoor practical learning.

The important thing is to have watched the films and have any questions ready for when we meet :-)

For each film, press play (in the centre of the image on the right) and you can select to play in full screen

Gold Intro

1. Introduction

This short video introduces the instructor (Fabian), and some background to the videos!

Length: 3 minutes


2. Intro to Gold

This short video introduces NNAS, the Gold syllabus, and an outline of how the weekend of the practical course typically plays out.

Updated 04.05.21

Length: 9 minutes


3. Bronze & Silver refresh

Whether you did your Bronze and / or Silver with AFS Mountaineering or another provider, or if you haven't done either then this will serve as a reminder of what we covered on this course. It's good to get out and remind yourself how to do these skills if it's been a while.


Length: 12 minutes


4. Aspect of Slope

We WILL be looking at this on the hill - so if this makes no sense it might be one of those that serves as a reminder. However, please watch as this is one of the new tools we introduce at Gold.

Length: 8 minutes

Anchor 1

5. Boxing

A very useful technique for getting around obstacles with the minimum of faff, effort and calculations!

Length: 5 minutes

Anchor 2

6. Route Planning

This video looks at route planning and recording it. Although the example given is for a Bronze Award, the planning process and route card gives a flavour of how and why. Plus a few other bits of information which may be useful!


Updated 04.05.21

Length: 19 minutes

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