Digital technology and GPS routes are great. But all too often mountain rescue are called out because a battery hs gone flat (alarmingly quickly), or someone has strayed off route, or has decided they want to explore something not on their preprogrammed route.

We offer two-day Bronze or Silver National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS) courses which includes training and assessment. Becoming confident in using a map and compass is one of the most liberating skills for the outdoors and literally opens up a whole new world of exploration and adventure. 
If you would like a bespoke half/full day walk with an emphasis on your navigation skills that is not assessed, please see the Plan your own mountain adventure page.

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Hill and Mountain adventure activities

Winter can be magical in the mountains. Come and learn to be a mountaineer and start gaining the skills needed to operate in winter. We'll look at route planning, avalanche awareness, personal winter kit, movement on snow, how to walk in crampons and what to do with an ice axe. We'll also look at navigation strategies that can be used en route which may be different from summer navigation. These two days courses run from mid January - mid March in the Cairngorms National Park.

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​​​Guided mountain walks, wilderness  adventures, and mountaineering courses in the mountains of Britain

Trek into the wilderness and leave the hustle and bustle of life behind for a few days. See the sunrise or sunset from up near a mountain summit or by a remote lake. 

Treks can last 1-3 nights and it's a great way to experience a total feeling of freedom and sometimes not see another person for the whole time. By the end of a wilderness trek you'll have visited some of the remotest glens and valleys in Britain and will have learnt some valuable hill and campcraft. It can be quite a shock returning to real life afterwards!

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Mountain Guide | guided walks | wilderness treks | wild camping | map & compass courses | basic winter skills training | bespoke adventures tailored to you in the mountains of Britain.

Is there a particular mountain you have dreamed of climbing? Do you just want to go hiking and explore a new area? Do you want to do a charity challenge such as the Yorkshire Three Peaks? Do you want a corporate day out? Do you want an adventure for you and your friends/family in the mountains? Have you wanted to climb Britain's highest mountain - Ben Nevis? Our mountain guides (leaders) can take you into a different world so you can enjoy a new adventure.

All of the set activities we offer we can also do privately for you, your friends, family and colleagues. We can also put together bespoke days out based on your aims, ambitions and desire to explore. 

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Above the Clouds in the Arrochar Alps in Scotland

​​"Excellent mountain guide - great local knowledge of the individual regions, especially Scotland. Great attention to detail, planning, navigation and safety. Sets a pace that suits your ability yet challenges you out of your comfort zone also. Happy to impart technical knowledge and signpost you to relevant training and development. Oh yes, good fun and great company. Highly recommended."


Have you ever been wild camping/backpacking? Have you wanted to hike up mountains but never felt confident? Do you want to explore new places with an experienced mountain guide? Do you want to brush up on your map and compass skills and learn to navigate off paths and be more self sufficient?​ ​

We operate in Snowdonia in Wales, National Parks in the North of England, and the Highlands of Scotland. We can help you:

  • Visit and explore the mountains of Britain - beginners and novices through to those undertaking Mountain Leader qualifications
  • Climb some or all of the 282 Scottish Munros or the Welsh 3,000s
  • Climb the Wainwrights in England's Lake District, or The Dales 30 in the Yorkshire Dales
  • Escape modern life for a few days in the wilderness
  • Achieve your charity challenge in the mountains
  • Become more confident in the mountains by learning to navigate or brush up on your skills

We simply love mountains and want to share our experience and passion for them with you. We offer a range of set events or can help you with a particular goal you have to put together a bespoke adventure for you. Experienced and qualified guides are there to ensure you have a safe yet memorable adventure and you can find out more on the about us page.

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A single day or several days out, departing civilisation in the morning and returning in the afternoon/evening. Individual day walks can range from 4-8+ hours depending on how remote the area is, how challenging, how many summits we have in range, and what interesting flora, fauna or geology we find!

We tend to take less well trodden routes to see places others may never experience.

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