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Due to the current restrictions in place I've removed all courses and trips until the end of April. As for May, well who knows where we'll be by then. 

I'm taking all advice from the NHS as well as Mountain Training.

I have a duty of care to my clients and to everyone as a person! So although my events and courses (bar indoor climbing) are almost exclusively outside (and I think we'll all be desperate for some outdoors soon), it's the travel, accommodation and spread of the virus which means I cannot in all conscience run events until we get the all clear to proceed by government, the NHS and the Mountaineering Associations.

If you want to express an interest in a trip or a course, they are all listed as events on my Facebook Page. I'll be able to alert you to whether they will proceed or not as new information comes available.

Thanks for bearing with me. Keep safe and well!

Welcome to All Four Seasons (AFS) Mountaineering!

We specialise in providing skills training and adventures in the hills, moors and mountains of North Wales, Northern England and the Munros of Scotland.

Our aim is to help you be safer,  gain more confidence in the hills and have fun!

For more information about AFS Mountaineering see About us 

Our main activities are described here. 

Adventures for You

Adventures for You is all about you - private guiding, climbing days, private courses or charity challenges for you, friends, family colleagues.

I can replicate any event for you. If there's a particular summit or goal you want to achieve then this is the right place for you. 


Mountain Days

I'll often put on day activities at relatively short notice to get the best weather.

  • Intro to rock days at various crags

  • Guided walking days up some of the more popular mountains.

  • Special Dark Skies events or Educational walks exploring geology, flora and fauna

I tend to publicise these short notice on Facebook. 


Skills Courses

I offer a range of skills courses - mainly aimed at beginners or those looking to take their skills further:

  • Accredited navigation courses (National Navigation Award Scheme)

  • Climbing Courses for beginners both indoor and outdoor

  • Bespoke Hill & Mountain Skills

  • Winter Skills Courses 

Weekend Adventures

I put on a number of more adventurous planned guided treks which are open to anyone:

- Weekend adventures - a few days guiding but returning to civilisation after!

- Wilderness backpacking adventures - exploring an area totally out in the wild


These are also social in that you can meet people with similar interests, start new friendships and explore more.


Summer Mountain Leader

Winter Mountain Leader

Rock Climbing Instructor

NNAS Tutor

+44 07968207779

LGBT+ and BAME friendly

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