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Start the new year off with something different. New achievements and new skills!

I've a number of courses and professionally guided events coming up. Click on the picture to go to the relevant page!

On 1st January, join me for a new year's day walk up Great Shunner Fell - the third highest mountain in the Yorkshire Dales. If the weather permits, we'll also head across to Lovely Seat, a summit with a lovely seat built into the cairn! This should make a marvelous and social start to 2019!

Then in early January I'm starting off beginners climbing classes. Two hours each Wednesday evening for three weeks. This will give you the skills to be able to climb with a partner unsupervised. We'll cover all of the basics to indoor climbing.

The classes will take place at Energise in York

This is a fantastic sport. It's a great way to unwind after a tough day at work as it is very much a mindfulness sport - concentrating on the moment. It's also social, healthy and builds strength and coordination.

And if you fancy a really tough challenge, join me for the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge in January. Whether it's snowy or not, such a feat in winter is far more demanding than in summer with far less daylight and far more calories being burnt.

If you've done the Yorkshire Three Peaks before and want to give it a go again with a difference, this is one for you!

Getting back to skills courses, I'll be up in the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland to run a number of winter skills courses - start your journey to becoming a mountaineer!

These are very much targeted to those wanting to go out in winter but who have never had the confidence to plan a route, nor training in the extra tools required - such as an ice axe and crampons!

Gear can be hired for the weekend if you don't have them and we'll cover a range of topics that'll give you more confidence going out in winter in snowy conditions!

I'll be running three of these weekend courses in February and March and there is a residential option.

While up in the Cairngorms, for those wanting to get out and about and take pictures and go on a winter mountain journey with me guiding, then there is another weekend also in the Cairngorms (or surrounding) where we can do some winter Corbett/Munro bagging.

Going into spring there'll be a trip to the Southern Cairngorms around Braemar and much more besides! But I'll get to those in a few months!

So come and be social, make new friends and walking buddies, start a new sport and make 2019 a year to remember! :-D

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